The Winemaker's Table – place setting

Join winemaker Mari Wells Coyle at The Winemakers Table

Down-to-earth creativity

You’ll learn how to create delicious pairings at home by identifying the complementary flavors and aromas of wines and herbs.

Welcome a winemaker into your kitchen

Mari’s pairing tips offer deliciously creative ways to explore and express the sensory pleasures of food and wine.

A shared food and wine adventure

Mari’s knowledge and enthusiasm provide encouragement to cooks of all levels to experiment with wine and herb pairings.

Look to these pages in the coming months for seasonal recipes and pairing tips. We'll be adding fresh, new ideas all the time.

The Winemaker's Table – place settings

Mari Wells Coyle, Winemaker

Mari Wells Coyle is a food-savvy, award-winning California winemaker who is as adept in the cellar as she is in the kitchen. She loves creating flavorful dishes with herbs, using their savory cues to create perfect wine pairings. She shares her discoveries through The Winemaker’s Table.