About The Winemaker's Table

The Winemaker's Table: Choosing the right wine and herbsLooking for new adventures in wine and food? You’ve come to the right place.

Join award-winning winemaker Mari Wells Coyle at The Winemaker’s Table, and learn how to create expert food and wine pairings by identifying the complementary flavors of wines and herbs.

Choosing the right wine and herbs for your dish is a creative way to elevate flavors and allow the wine to speak, turning even the simplest dish into an inspired pairing.

Who better to learn from than a recognized winemaker with a trained palate and the passion to share what she’s learned in the cellar and the kitchen?

A culinary adventurer, Mari has been experimenting with tastes and aromas for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a family that loves cooking with fresh ingredients, and to this day, food is the focus of just about every conversation. Some of Mari’s favorite memories include early-morning salmon fishing trips with her dad.

Choosing herbs from her garden as she creates new recipes, Mari has come to appreciate flavor nuances that bring out the playful aromatics of wine. She’ll teach you how to build a meal by starting with your favorite wine or herb, and then lead you from there.

Mari’s cooking credo: Go with your senses. Explore. Have fun.


“Coyle knows how to make wines that express with confidence and finesse their pedigree and place. They are distinctive and authoritative, with structure and balance that put them at both extremes of the wine appreciation spectrum – ready for immediate consumption but with the symmetry to invite longterm aging”
– Mike Dunne, former wine and food editor
The Sacramento Bee

“Mari Wells Coyle has dialed up yet another excellent vintage, cementing David Girard as a standout name for foothills Grenache”
– Jon Bonne, wine editor
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Over the years, the profile of Mari’s wine has consistently taken our cuisine to another level”
– Ben Carter, Owner
The Independent and Heyday Cafe